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Calling All Fresh Garlic Lovers....

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jenna2004 By jenna2004 on
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Are you someone who loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen with fresh herbs and spices? If you are do you use fresh garlic? I know a lot of people that think using fresh garlic is to much of a hassle.Well, not anymore!

Pampered Chef carries a wonderful garlic press. It is by far one of my most used kitchen gadgets.Why, you wonder.You don't need to even peel the garlic if you don't want to.You may need to break off a few cloves to toss in the press but thats only so it will fit. All you need to do is toss the garlic in the press and press the handle down right over what your cooking.When your done with the first batch take the handy little cleaning tool and remove the peel thats left in the press.Then your ready to do it again. The best part is you don't need to worry about losing the cleaning tool because it attatches to the press for easy storage.It can even be used for ginger.

The garlic press has a 2 year warrenty.Just remember to save your reciept.It's even dish washer safe.If you haven't tried cooking with fresh garlic yet what are you waiting for? Using this press makes it almost effortless. You wont even have your hands smelling like garlic. We all know garlic is great but when you smell like it all evening it can lose it's charm.

If you aren't framiliar with Pampered Chef it's a company that in all comparsion is similiar to avon.The only difference is they sell kitchen supplies.You can always place an order online though I reccomend trying to find a consultant near you. They even have parties that will teach you how to use the items.It's a great company and the products never seem to let me down. The garlic press is a must have for any kitchen enthusiast.So, go....buy a press and some fresh garlic.You'll be glad you did.