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Calling All Lego Fans!

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Located in Carlsbad, California (which is just North of San Diego, CA), you will find the one and only location of Lego Land in the US. Lego Land is an amusement/theme park geared more for younger children, I can't imagine anyone over 10 or 12 years of age having much fun here. Admission is $60 for adults, and $50 for kids age 3-12. Honestly, I think that the price of admission is way too high, we got some coupons off ebay.com to make all tickets about $30 each, which is more in line with what this park is worth.

Arriving at Lego Land, you are welcomed with words in Lego's leading up to the parking attendant. The lots aren't huge, so you don't have to worry about losing your car like can happen at Disneyland, so that's a plus. If you're driving a Volvo, you get front row parking (I guess they're a lifetime sponsor or something?) so be sure to take advantage of that!

Even before you reach the gates, you will see some amazing things in Lego's. There's a car (Volvo, of course) constructed entirely out of Lego's, and a family standing outside of it. That's just a small taste of what's inside! Seriously EVERYTHING is crafted out of Lego's, it's just so amazing to see and comprehend the time and effort that goes into each sculpture. Like most attractions these days, you can bring food in with you, so if you want to same some money by bringing your own water and PB&J, go right ahead. The two times we visited, they didn't look into our bags or anything, but I would advise to not push your luck and stick to plastic bottles or cans, and of course no weapons!

Since there's a lot to see, do and experience at this park, I will just be touching on the highlights of our two visits. The favorite attraction of the adults that we were with was "Miniland" where major cities of the US were miniaturized, from San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, and many more. There were even cars and things that moved around within the cities! (photos above feature Las Vegas and San Francisco)

For all rides, there is a measuring system to determine if children are tall enough to ride by themselves or if they require an older rider's assistance. The downside to this is that your child will have to be measured at every ride if they're in that range that is close to a cutoff. But if you're there with a bunch of children, then you can usually have an older child ride with the younger one without any problems. One really neat thing that Lego Land does for people waiting in line is that they have a play area for children. As your party enters the line, the children can go to this play area (there are Lego tables and Lego's, of course!) and the adults then wait in line and pick up the kids when it's their turn to ride. This is especially helpful when waiting in very long lines, and works best with a bigger group so that you can rotate who keeps an eye on the kids. Also be sure to bring your hand sanitizer, for obvious reasons.

For the younger children, there is a fantastic play area called Explore Village. This area is surrounded by a wall, which helps to contain the children, but adult supervision is still required the whole time. In Explore Village, you will find many different buildings for young children to climb, play with and imagine. There's a house, jail, grocery store, farm area, and so much more. There's even a little train that goes around and is a must for all children to ride.

In the warm summer months, the water park is the place to be! Pirate Shores has many rides and non-ride attractions that will cool you off. Even during our November trip to the park (yes, it gets cool in CA, especially in November!) there were some people getting in the water! We assumed they were either from Michigan or Canada. Crazy people.

Children aged 3 and up can get a drivers license if they pass a "driving test" at Lego Land driving school! My kids are still too young, but it sure looked like a lot of fun for the kids old enough to participate.

There is a Lego factory where you can watch a quick video on Lego production (did you know that the Lego fellows don't talk?) then as you tour the factory, you actually see some of the machinery assemble products into packaging. The two times we visited, we were given commemorative Lego bricks as we left the factory, so it gave the kids something to play with!

If you're wanting to catch a show, there is a little something for everyone, from 4-d movies to actual skits performed by workers/actors. There is also a lot of food options, from pizza and pasta to snack vendors. Everyone needs to try the apple french fries that are located by the huge tree house and castle area!

There are also a few gift shops around, featuring Lego kits, clothing, games, individual, by-the-pound Lego bricks, and much more. There's really a little something for everyone at Lego Land!

If you are able to get discounted admission, or if you don't mind paying the full price, I really recommend Lego Land for a fun time. Just seeing all the things made of Lego's will blow your mind (the giraffe's above are entirely constructed of Lego's), and it's a really fun place for kids to get to play, build and explore.