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Calories In A Scoop: A Weight Gain Product

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It's normal for the women in my family to be lean, but when my daughter dropped below 105 pounds, that's too thin to be healthy for her. My daughter works two jobs and rarely has the time to cook a filling meal for herself. So I went to GNC and I asked the saleswoman for "calories in a scoop". I had no idea what to buy, but it needed to be high calorie and nutritious, and preferably high protein because that's what packs the meat on our ribs in my family. The saleswoman recommended GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Mass XXX.

When mixed with water, a four scoop single serving of GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Mass XXX contains 750 calories, 100% protein, 50% calcium and 41% carbohydrates, and it's even more nutritious and higher in calories when mixed with milk. Perfect. I shelled out the $49 and bought one 6 pound jar of AMP Amplified Mass XXX to try it out on my daughter when I visited her over Halloween weekend. This is a milk and soybean based product. My daughter is mildly allergic to milk, so I made the first glass with 8 ounces of water and two scoops of the powdery product. AMP Amplified Mass XXX doesn't dissolve easily into a smooth drink, so I was wisking for awhile to break up the lumps. Then I took a sip of it myself before I handed the glass to my daughter. And I was impressed with just how chocolately and sweet that mixture tasted. I would have joined her in a glass myself except that I don't need the extra ten pounds right now. I would love to try this as a hot chocolate mixture.

My daughter didn't like the flavor of AMP Amplified Mass XXX very much. She said it left an aftertaste that she didn't like. But she did manage to drink 4 ounces of the mixture for breakfast before putting the rest in the refrigerator for later. When I talked to her last week, she said I would be proud of her. My daughter is still drinking 4 ounces a day of GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Mass XXX, and she's gained a pound and a half since Halloween. Perfect.