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Calphalon Round Crepe Pan

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By ncmom on
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I had been hearing very good things about Calphalon cookware for a long time . Noticing a sale online I decided to go ahead and purchase a few pieces and the Crepe Pan was one of those.

No, Crepes are not part of the normal fare in our house but the pan is nice sized, round and has a very shallow lip so I decided to go ahead and purchase it for pancakes and such. I found that I like to use it for browning things that are more solid in nature and do not have a lot of run off of juices and grease. It is just perfect for Quesadillas as you can easily lift them with the spatula and invert the pan on top and then flip the whole thing rather than trying to turn the quesadilla and have the fillings and cheese falling out.

It is constructed very well and the handle stays cool enough that you really don't need to use a pot holder while cooking. Even though it is substantial in construction and feels like quality cookware, it is rather light so no aching wrists after moving the pan around.

Food just does not stick so I find myself using a lot less oil than I normally would, which cuts down on the fat and calorie count of foods I cook. You are warned not to use aerosol sprays as the propellants in these can ruin the non stick property of the pan so when I do feel the need for a little oil I just wiped the pan with a papertowel that has a bit of oil on it. Of course you want to remember to use only wooden or nylon utensils as metal ones could scratch the surface.

Cleanup is my favorite feature of this pan, there is nearly NO cleanup, you just wipe with a wet sponge and a little detergent and just like that, you are done!

I really don't know what more I could ask for in a flat pan as this one seems to totally fill the bill for me.