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Camp Joshua

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dedee By dedee on
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So my youngest asked to go to camp last year. What a nightmare. I let her go for a three days two night deal. Then my teen decided she was gonna go to but for a week. So then my youngest daughter wanted to also stay for the week. I wasnt sure if I could be away from her that long. But I also new that she could handle being away from me for that length of thime. So I decided to let her stay. I waited the three days out then went to the camp and asked to speck to my daughter, to make sure that she really was comfortable staying for the whole week. However they walky talkied and it turned out our daughter was not able to make it to the office as she was out swimming. I told them my concerns and they said" oh no she wants to stay she told us that she hopes that her mom and dad will let her stay" So I took their word for it and ended up having this aweful feeling that she was wanting to come home. But I waited it out and when The week was over . We picked the girls up. My teen wouldnt stop talking about the fun she had. However my other daughter was upset because two girls picked on her the whole time and pushed her around a few times too. She said she DID want to come home and that she never wants to go to camp again. I am so angry because camp is suppose to be a rememberable time and a fun time in a childs life. But It wont be for my daughter.

Update On Apr 30, 2008: I should add that my teen did like this camp but what she didnt like was it was the same thing everyday, And that she was bored for the most part but really enjoyed the company she was with and the camp cousellers.