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Can Dida Do Dat? Dida Supplement Great!

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Ok, a little known fact about moi! There is a grocery store in my area that bakes some of the most tantalizing 'just like Grandma's' Cinnamon Buns and they're slathered with heavenly Cream Cheese Frosting...one box of these delectably heaven sent treats can pack on the poundage if one isn't careful but what's worse for me is that one sliver of even one corner of one of these massive buns will leave me feeling as though I need to stick a pin in my stomach to deflate myself. Even though I die and go to Heaven every time I indulge, my stomach brings me down into the pits of Haides pretty darned quick afterwards.

It wasn't until early this year that I began to see a pattern between white sugar, bread, dough of any kind that used enriched flour...and my feeling like a blow fish just a short time after consuming any of these things in my diet. I've forever been someone who could eat anything in any amount and still have to run around the shower in order to get wet...not any longer. My new found status as a 6 month pregnant woman shortly after consuming such foods had me very puzzled for awhile. Not until I was speaking to a neighbor who told me about her allergy to gluten and all things refined did it actually click into place...my first reaction? Panic! Why? No more Cinnamon Buns???!!! Say it ain't so!

Well, it was and I figured that there had to be a way that I could have my Cinnamon buns and eat them too. The first thing I did of course was research my newly adopted symptoms on the net and while doing so I came across a product called Dida from New Nordic. A company that was founded in the early '90's in Denmark by two fellows who believed in healthy living and eating and who wanted to bring their vision to others. So they quit their day jobs (I like these guys) and they decided to spend their days extracting antacid from the fruit fibres of citric fruits instead.

Dida was one of the results and is made up of a combination of oregano, olive leaves, fennel, thyme, cardamon, cloves, garlic, cinnamon oil, potmarigold and peppermint oil. As an herbal supplement Dida is suitable for Diabetics and those following the Vegitarian/Vegan lifestyle. Dida is free from salt, sugar, yeast, soya, gluten and dairy products.

Effectively what Dida does is work to help maintain a healthy Candida albicans balance within the body which can sometimes get out of wack when you do stupid things such as sit down and eat far too many ..er...yeast/gluten bearing foods.

Although the recommended dose is 2 tablets per day with a glass of water before a meal for 45 days and then 1 tablet per day thereafter, I have not followed this particular regimen. Does that surprise you! That said, I am hypersensitive to almost anything that is in the shape of a 'pill' and so recommended dosages that are natural for some are overload for me. I will usually take 2 tablets only at those times when I have been bad. Well, I'm sorry but a girl has to just be able to don some comfy fat clothes every so often and binge on something ewwwy gooey, no? Of course we do! And that my friends is why Dida was born!

I've found that taking 2 tablets after such terrible indescretions actually helps my body to tolerate the yeast involved much better and because of this I can still eat...within moderation, those things that I really don't feel I should have to give up totally and now I don't have to.

I purchased one box of 60 tablets over 3 months ago and at just a bit under $40 I have a tendency not only to want to spread them over time, but also to avoid indulging too often in those yummies that make me feel like I'm going to explode...too often. Usually within only an hour or so after taking these tablets, if I've over done it, I'll begin to feel my old, not so bloated, self again. The ingredients also improve energy and well-being...but then of course I'm happy not to feel as though I need to give birth in order to find relief so I can certainly see the connection here.

These pills also do what some of the yogourts out there claim to do with their probiotic talk, but they go much further than.

I'll continue to purchase these because for me, they work! As I still have over 20 tablets left I think I can safely say that Dida has not only solved my 'blow fish' feeling after a bun-fest but it's also helped, because of the price, keep that habit in check. New Nordic has a number of other wellness products that I'm definitely going to check out.

Dida might be pricey but in my books the relief they provide is priceless!