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Can Of Air Computer Dust

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No, this is not the "can of air" from the movie Spaceballs - for any other fans out there. This is for cleaning and dusting.

If you have a computer, you probably have a can of "air" nearby. If not, it's a good idea to have one. A can of air, or as this one is labeled "Duster" Dust and Lint Remover by Century, came in a 3 pack from my local Big Lots. The 3 cans cost only $8.00, which is about average when you break it down by per can price.

Here are the specs on this can of air/duster:

The can has 8 fluid ounces and has no scent

100% Safe for the Ozone

Multiple uses


Comes with a red plastic "straw" that fits into the spray nozzle for tiny areas

Like any other can of air, you press the trigger in short bursts of air. The can WILL get freezing cold after a few uses and that's because of the pressure. When this happens, I normally put the can down for several minutes and go back to "dusting" my computer tower.

A computer fan pulls in a lot of dust and it's adviseable to clean the inside of the tower often - especially if you have pets or work in an environment that kicks up a lot of dust. It's also best to power off the computer when you dust it out. Just take the side off the tower and give short bursts of air to the areas that you see dust. Check all vented areas too, as you will see dust there. And if you keep your computer tower on the carpet, which is not a good idea - you will probably have more "dust" from the carpet fibers.

I also use my can of air at our church on our soundboard, around the house when I don't feel like moving my knick-knacks out of the way every week I dust, around the tv and pretty much everywhere else I know dust can accumulate.

Cans of air/ or dust cans come from lots of different manufacturers, so pick one up next time you are out and help prolong the life of your computer by removing dust build up and help keep fans moving smoothly.