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Can Strainer Keeps Food In The Can, Not The Sink

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This is about the handiest little gadget that I use in my kitchen. I purchased this can strainer from Pampered Chef through a book party and as soon as I saw it in the catalog I wondered why I had never seen anything like it before. Such a simple concept, why didn't I think of it and make millions?

For the cost of $4.50 you'll never have to worry again about pressing a sharp lid you just removed into a can to strain the juice or liquid out. I'm especially good at loosing corn and peas when draining the liquid, no more! I hate those sharp lids and always worried I would cut myself really bad, just an accident waiting to happen. Now I can throw out the lid and place this can strainer on top of the can, grasp the handles and turn the can over to drain out any liquids.

This strainer measures 3-1/2" and fits most cans, whether it's a vegetable, tuna fish or fresh fruit can. You can either put the strainer over the top of the can or you can invert it if your can is a little larger such as the tuna can I have in the picture. Either way you just hold the can over your sink or drain the liquid into a bowl if you are saving it for some reason (such as fruit juice).

This can strainer is white and made of a very durable plastic, has multiple small holes in the top and two handles on the sides to help you hold it on top of the can while draining the liquids. It is dishwasher safe and fits into any small gadget drawer for easy access. There is a one year guarantee if needed. I wouldn't be without it in my kitchen now that I have one.