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Can You Keep A Secret?

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Ever hear "Some things are better left unsaid"? Well, someone should divuldge that information to Emma Corrigan. On a plane ride sitting next to a total stranger she feels turbulants and starts to panick. This is it her last moments alive. She starts to spill her deepest darkest secrets to this hunk of a stranger next to her. She tells him how she is secretly murdering her co-workers plant with orange juice, how she tells her boyfriend she's just a few sizes smaller than she really is and now she 's wearing the too small underwear he buys her. She doesn't know what NATO stands for, she pretends to have meetings for work but really meets up with her friend for coffee, she secretly thinks her noyfriend looks like a ken doll, and she lost her virginity while her parents were downstairs watching "Ben-Hur".

Next thing she knows they are safely on the ground. No harm done right? After all she'll never see this stranger again...right? That Monday she goes into work as usual, but everyone seems to have this air of excitement. No wonder the company's CEO is coming to visit. Jack Harper in person, OH NO IT CAN'T BE!!! Jack Harper is the stranger from the plane! This book is so funny you'll be holding your sides the whole time you're reading it.