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Can You Survive The Dark Hour? Persona 3 Fes

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Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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I started getting an interest in the Mega Ten series when a friend suggested Persona 4 to me back in 2009 and once I started playing that I fell in love. So I started researching other games and Persona 3 caught my eye. My boyfriend bought it for me last year and once I started playing it I couldn't put it down. Here's the low down on the plot and such.

You play the teenage male protagonist an orphan who is returning to Iwatodai, the city he grew up in ten years earlier and will be living in a dorm and attending Gekkaukan High School. A few nights there on a full moon shadows attack the dorm and he awakens to his Persona to fight them off. Once learning of this power the other members of the dorm confess that they too can use Personas and they invite him to join SEES. (Special Extracurricular Execution Squad) Once discovering his power he is transported to a room with a man and woman.

The man introduces himself as Igor and his assistant Elizabeth. Igor explains to the protagonist that he is special and the only member of SEES that can wield multiple personas. Igor handles persona fusion which is that you can take up to 5 personas to fuse together to make one very powerful persona and Elizabeth gives you missions to carry out for rewards. You can also recall any old persona from your compendium for a fee and register any new ones there.

The SEES members explain about the dark hour the hidden hour between one day and the next. Only persona wielders can function during the dark hour for everyone else time stops completely and anyone left conscious during the dark hour shadows will consume them. They also explain that a tower called Tartarus which stands where the high school stands during the day is the shadows realm and they explore it searching for the answer of why the shadows appear and the cause of the dark hour. Through out the game you recruit other SEES members, build social links to strengthen your persona, and fight shadows to ultimately save the world.

There are two parts to Persona 3 FES "the journey" which is the original Persona 3 and "the answer" which is an added chapter after Persona 3. I haven't finished "the answer" portion so that's all I'll say about it here and move on. One thing I loved about Persona 3 was that there was no set time limit for getting things done large shadows show up every full moon and obviously if you die it's game over. Unlike Persona 4 however there are no "if you don't rescue this person by this day" than you have to start over and that's a big plus for me I have a hard time with that.

The game is all about time management getting from floor to floor on Tartarus fighting shadows to level up, defeating shadows every full moon, maxing social links to power your persona, getting your academics up as a high school student and making money at your jobs. It's a lot of fun and I never felt bored. The story is good the battle system is very simple and the personas are all pretty cool. I give it high marks and I highly suggest it to RPG fans.