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Can You Tell By The Curtains Who Lives In A Home?

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Dutch Lace Curtains in home where I was born.

Dutch Lace Curtains, you can spot them in a window right away and know there's probably a Dutch family living in the home. In Holland you will see them everywhere and I've included a picture of the house I was born in while I was visiting a few years back. There's a beautiful swag version in the front window.

These lace curtains come in many designs which can vary from a very plain design to one that is very ornate and has lots of intricate designs. The length can be any size you need and the most common color is white or an ecru/cream shade. They can make an ordinary window into a stunning one.

The lace is attached to a net curtain which you can make as short or as long as you like depending on your window. Mine is 24" long from top to bottom with the netting and lace being about the same length. You can also get just the lace portion with rings on the top and you just simply slip it onto your curtain rod, perfect for small windows in the kitchen or bathroom. I've had some of my curtains for 20 years or longer. Once they are up there's not much to do but admire them.

They are a cotton/polyester blend and are imported from Holland to specialty stores here. I've also purchased one on Ebay at a much reduced price! Cleaning my lace curtains is nothing more than taking them down and putting them in a very gentle cycle or hand washing in a big tub. The netting takes no time to dry so you can put them back up and the lace will dry by itself. I have visions of my mother hanging them on the clothesline outside, long stretches of these beautiful curtains flapping in the breeze. I don't have a clothesline but I do have the lace curtains in my windows!