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Candy? Now I Have To Eat It!

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A few months ago I was hungry for licorice. I'm an odd ball, I absolutely love black licorice - always have. Most people I know can't stand the stuff but personally, I know what's good for me ;)

I asked my husband if he'd mind going out to the store and picking up some licorice for me. No problem, off he went and returned a short time later with a lone bag of Goodies! Not quite the licorice I had in mind. As a matter of fact, I'd never had these before and well, they looked like elongated Skittles to me and I don't like Skittles very much.

When I looked at him with that "what's this" look he claimed that the store didn't have any black licorice and this was the closest he could get. According to a sales person at the store these Goodies were indeed black licorice - I just had to get past the candy coating first.

Well, can I tell you that my husband created a monster? Yes, he did! These things are awesome! Little nibblets of crunchy yumminess that melts away to reveal a little nugget of black licorice! They are really quite good if you are a black licorice fiend such as I am.

These come packaged in a very generous sized 200g bag and there are literally hundreds of these little candies in all colors of the rainbow inside. One bag will last me quite awhile because honestly, you can't really eat too many in one sitting, which I guess is a good thing - particularly where the dental aspect is concerned.

I'm the only one who likes black licorice in the house so this has become one of my little treats that I feel totally comfortable leaving on the counter in plain site because unless my dog or cat suddenly decides they want to eat them, no one else will touch them. That's fine, all the more for me.

A great little treat, especially convenient for sticking into a tin I received while at the casino one night that originally had mints in it - now the tin holds a whole bunch of Goodies for the new Goodie lover in me! :)