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Candy Review Icebreakers Chewy Sours

Reviewing: Strawberry Blast Icebreakers  |  Rating:
By mellaview on
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Normally I don't write reviews on candy, but I was so impressed with Icebreakers Chewy Sours that I had to share.

I picked up Chewy Sours in my local Walmart for I believe $2.49 for a plastic container of the candies. I choose the Strawberry Blast flavor, because the Lemon flavor I knew and loved was sold out. (Yep, they are that good).

The candy themselves look like speckled dinosaur eggs, but when you bite into them they are not hard candy, they are actually chewy, but not that sick nasty gummy bear type of chewy candy.

For me they were not sour at all, so those who hate sour candies, fear not, these are not very sour at all. In fact they taste like strawberry with a little hint of lemon.

I picked up one pack about 3 weeks ago, and find that I have been stocking up every week since.

Although they are made by Icebreakers, which is usually a mint for freshening breath, the Icebreakers Chewy Sours don't provide much for freshening breath. They are more or less a treat.

Highly recommended.

You can find them at the check out isle in just about any super center, or shopping center.