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Canon Color Copier

Reviewing: Canon Color Image Runner C5180  |  Rating:
By ljohnson on
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This is one mammoth of a machine! It stands about 4.5' tall, is about 4' wide, and at least 2.5' deep, so you need a copy room with enough capacity to handle this machine. Besides being a huge machine, this copier has a lot of features, from basic copying to collating, hole-punching, stapling and more. The machine is controlled by an electronic touch panel on the front of the machine; there is a stylus that you can use for more precision when touching the buttons. However, if you lose the stylus, you can still make selections on the panel just by using your finger, which is good because it's my experience that the stylus will occasionally grow legs and walk around the office! There is also a paperclip holder, which is very handy when you're getting ready to copy your documents.

From basic black and white copying to full color, double sided, hole punched reproduction requiring the document to be collated; this machine can handle all requests with ease. You can select the black and white / color selector to run on automatic if you have some color and some black and white pages in your document to copy, this is very helpful because then you aren't required to separate out your color pages and copy them separately. You can put a whole document in the top tray, tell the machine how many full copies of the document you would like, select if the original pages are double-sided or single-sided, designate if you want the pages to be printed double-sided or not (regardless of what the original document is like). You can specify the collation to be either the whole document put together like the original, or each page to be copied and grouped together.

As the original document goes through the machine, it scans the image into memory, which allows you to grab the originals when they're done being scanned, walk away and get back to work while the machine does its thing. This is great for large volume jobs, as the machine is very quick, but if you're doing hundreds of packets of information, you don't want to just stand there watching the copies dry!

There is a huge capacity for paper, including 2 drawers for 8.5" x 11" paper, one drawer for 8.5" x 14" and one drawer for 11" x 17". PLUS, there's an accessory paper bin for 8.5" x 11" paper that can hold at least 4 reams of paper at a time. So once you stock this baby up with paper, you'll be set for a while.

As with most copy machines, you can also use this machine to enlarge or reduce the original document, and you can copy onto things other than basic paper, like transparencies, vellum, cardstock, etc.

There are also a host of features that our office doesn't use, but there are menu options for, including regular printing, faxing and emailing to a recipient. There probably needs to be special hook-ups to use these features, such as a phone line for the fax and internet for emailing. I can see how emailing would be a great feature to get activated on this machine, it would allow for more of a "paperless" environment.

Although this copier has so many useful features, we do see the Canon repair man in our office quite often, at least once a month. I am not sure why the machine breaks, or what is done to fix it, but the down time puts our office in a crunch more frequently than it should be. And, it's definitely not because the machine is old - this machine is less than a year old, and the problems started after we had it for just a few months. Because of this factor alone, I would recommend for people to consider a different copier for their office use, I'm sure this machine was quite expensive (I found it on a website for about $25, 000) and for that price, there's no reason why it should be breaking down so often.