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Canon Digital Camera Concerns

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By writerchick on
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I received my Canon digital camera as a present back in 2003. I was thrilled, since I had really gotten tired of those diposable cameras that I had been using up until then. It came with the usual accessories: instruction book, USB cable, and software. What was good about this camera was that it was easy to use, and it came with a bunch of different photography options. However, right away I noticed that the memory on this camera was extremely poor. I'd travel or go to a social event and only be allowed 30 pictures at a time. It's not like my laptop was with me to transfer those pictures automatically! I was constantly having to go through my saved pictures and delete ones to make room for others. I ended up going out and buying another memory card, which was annoying, but necessary.

Another thing that I had to do was go and get a camera case, since the one it came with was flimsy and didn't hold the USB cable along with the memory card. Alas, just as I thought my camera and I had become friends, it started to not work.

For example, I would turn on my camera and little lines and other assorted fuzzy things would show up in the viewer. It had nothing to do with the batteries, and it certainly had nothing to do with the new memory card I put in it. Jiggling it seemed to work, but just when I thought I could forget about it and start taking pictures again, the picture went poof.

All of this started happening about 4 years into having owned the camera. Apparently this particular model has this problem all the time, and after just about that particular period of having been owned. Just search eBay and you'll probably find some listings in which a disclaimer about a faulty viewing screen.

Bottom line: This camera did take lovely pictures when it was working, but it's not worth the expense you have to put into it with accessories and the like. Just buy a more upscale camera with the complete package if that's what you're looking for.

Update On May 27, 2008: I contacted the Canon people, who were very helpful and efficient. It turns out my camera had a problem that they said they'd fix for free, regardless of my expired warranty. Yay! :)