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Canon S2 Is

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Canon S2 IS.


1.Canon S2 IS

2.4 AA Panasonic batteries (good ones, non-rechargables though)

3.Mini-USB cable

4.16 MB memory card (unfortunetely)

5.User manual in several languages (in my case it was Russian, English)

6.Neck strap (which is not very good quality)

7.CD with software (which is properly done and useful)

8.Lens cap? (though it was already mounted)

To start with I was looking for a ultra-zoom mid-level digital camera . I read many review and in my opinion Panasonic FZ-5 is the thing to go for. It was not expensive it had good lens and was ready to take quick shots. But in the store i found S2. Well, it costed more, at thesme time it was more comfortable to hold and operate buttons. I didn't spent a lot time decideing which one to choose. it was enough to take few pics and i took my wallet out to pay for brand new Canon.

Sadly enough, Iwas disappointed with retail package. memory card was capable to save 3-4 5 mpx resolution pics or few seconds of video. I bought 1GB memory card which is simply needed if you are planning seriously to take shots. Moreover I bought 4 rechargable Energizer batteries which are very good and let you to take lots of shot and capture long video records.

Canon body is made from plastis (not very good), it makes creaks when pushed harder and scratches appears soon enough. That is a bit awful especially when you know that price is high.

Menu is simple and very easy to use, everything is clear, there are language settings and even you can choose themes! that is great. You can choose start up picture, start up sound, button push sound and even upload you favourite picture or record your favorite sound! Great user interface.

Operating with canon is VERY VERY easy. You don't have to read user manual (which is ridiculously stupidly written) . Just rotate display as you want and turn it on. By the way, the most uncomfortable is switch on/off button. Display is small and sun legibility is poor. But nevertheless it is enough to show captured picture.

Focus is fast, just press main button half-way down, then green square appears, push full-way down and you got a picture. Easy and simple. But sometimes it is irritating when camera can not focus properly and red square appears. Zooming is fantasting and silent, because of ultrasonic system, which makes zooming hardly to hear. Image stabilization works very well, though i prefer Panasonic's FZ-5 stabilization, simply it is more accurate. There are few modes like night shot, macro mode, landscape, portrait, special events mode. There is even color asccent and color swap which are great features. ISO level can be set up to 400 but then image gets terribly noisy. I recommend you to use max ISO 200. Flash is strong enough, though sometimes it makes me nervous when it has to load. Special events mode is nearly great-for example using Fireworks mode youcan take awesome pictures, believe me it is stunning. Beach mode makes closer objects to be brighter when they are against strong sun. Video mode is one of the best i've ever seen. Even people who work with professional video camcorders are are getting stoned when see captured videos by Canon S2 IS. What is more, zooming is enabled during video capture. One problem-video "weights" very much, 1GB card is enough to take about 7 and half minutes record on best video settings. But anyway it is worth. Pictures quality is good. Generally speaking it depends on you, I mean, How can you adjust proper setup . Sometimes pictures are washed out, sometimes they are too noisy, but sometimes they are astonishing. Yeah, that's right . Push the button on left lens side with flower and you will get SUPER MACRO MODE, which means you can take pictures from 0 cm!!!You can even put somethin small on lens( like SIM card, or coin) and camera will take that shot!!! Amazing. Even this mode is the way to go for this camera. Colors are accurate, pictures are not over exposed. But i repeat once again-picture quality depends not only on camera but on you too. Take the best, the most expensive professional camera, with the best optics. But if youdo not know how to manage with it, it won't take good pictures.

So and so, this camera is highly recommended for those who want to start their photo-hunting, to meet real close-up world and for those who just do not want to take separate camcorder.