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Can't Be Tamed

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By lrrh708 on
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Although this didn't sell very well, I personally thought it was wonderful! This is a must own for every single teenager in the world, it promotes individuality and being whoever you wanna. This album is the epitome of teenage rebellion, the title song is a dark pop song with a loud, repetitive chorus and carefully used autotune, a theme for anyone who feels a bit repressed. and "Robot" is also a song that teenagers will imagine themselves yelling it at in the faces of the people who need to be yelled at. Other songs like "Who owns my Heart?" and "Permanent December" are less dark than the formers but still have an underlying tone of anger and snobishness, they sound more like something that you would hear on the radio but still have just enough edginess to sound as if they came from a well developed artist (of which Miley is now a VERY well developed artist) Although most of the other songs on here aren't as great, it is still worth the purchase; it is the kind of album you listen to when you want to act a bit spoiled or like a diva, this album is the kind that will make you put yourself before others and dance around naked just to prove that you "can't be tamed".

Miley is breaking from her Disney root and is finally introducing herself to the world of real art. CBT is a new, dark, artistic side of Miley that we haven't seen before, and oh boy am I glad we got to see it. Even though you can tell that she is making the shift from "robot" to artist, there are still some underlying tones of her youth, hence all the anger in this album and the celf-centeredness, which along with the album's message, isn't a bad thing at all! And even though you may not like Miley Cyrus, she seems like she is going to revive the world of hardcore rock and roll bands, in case you didn't see her video for the title song; it was somewhat reminiscent of "Cherry Pie" in the sense of the stripper blatantly being sexual. Miley made a bold decision in choosing to go against her alter-ego Hannah Montana and become a new age pop artist but this album hits bravery and rebellion on a bulls eye target! Best "dark-pop" album of the year! Edgy! Slutty! Gritty all the way through! ENJOY!