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Can't Give Up My Bluenotes Jeans

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I have been wearing Bluenotes jeans since I was about 14 years old. At the time, I was struggling to find Jeans that fit my adolecent body. Every other store in our area carried jeans in whole sizes (4, 6, 8, etc...), that just wouldn't work. They were either long enough but too big in the waist, or fit in the waist but were too short, or some other improper combination. And then there was the issue of price. Graduating into adult-sized clothes isn't cheep! Bluenotes came to my rescue, and I have been using them every since.

First and foremost, I love these jeans for their sizing. Instead of whole sizes, you select you size based on the inseam length, and the waist (or hip, depending on the style and where you wear your jeans) measurement. Girls/Womens jeans come in 4 inseam lenghts: 28, 30, 32, and 34. And there are too many waist sizes to list. I believe they start at around 20 inches and go up, inch by inch, to well into the thirties. You get to choose the size that fits you just how you like it. No more sucking in, tightening belts, or hemming up the bottoms.

I also appreciate these jeans for their style. Though I have long outgrown the styles of the shirts and sweaters at Bluenotes (they are very geared to teens), the jeans are still perfect. Flare, bootcut, straightleg, slimfit, regular fit, relaxed fit, dark wash, light wash, acid wash, regular pockets, stylish pockets, no pockets... there's somthing for everyone and every occasion. The ones I have pictured are my latest buy. They are a dark stonewash (darker than they appear in the pic), slightly flared, and have flap pockets on the back.

All their jeans can be washed and put in the dryer. I have never had a problem with the colour bleeding, and shrinkage is minimal to none.

They also stand the test of time. Of course they can't look brand new forever, but they are very resistant to wear. I usually cycle these jeans through many purposes--slightly dressed up, casual wear, around home, work/camping clothes--for at least 3 years before I have to let them go. And that is usually because my size has changed!

For what I get out of these jeans, the price is truly amazing. Every style of jeans at Bluenotes is only $39.99. And if that weren't a good enough value, the store very frequently has buy one get one 1/2 off sales!

I have looked for jeans in many other places, but always find myself heading back to Bluenotes for their comfort, quality, and price. Their jeans make me feel great, and I know I'm getting a good buy.