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Captain N And The New Super Mario World Dvd

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Both Captain N and Super Mario conclude their release on DVD...but not in a way one might suspect. Instead of seperate releases, Shout! Factory decided to package the two shows together in one box set, just as the shows themselves were presented. This release covers the entire Super Mario World series, as well as the third and final season of Captain N: The Game Master. Not the way I would've preferred it released, seeing as how I was only interested in the Mario cartoon, but might as well get more bang for my buck.

As said, this release covers the final 7 11-minute episodes of Captain N and the entire 13 11-minute episodes of Super Mario World. You have the option of searching for the episode you want to watch, which I find to be more trouble than it's worth, as there's a video preview every time you highlight another episode, which takes a while to load up, thus bogging down the time it takes for you to select an episode. There's also a Play All option if you just want to watch everything, or you can play only Super Mario World or Captain N episodes from start to finish.

The episodes themselves look decent enough. You can't expect much from a show back in 1991, and this release is no exception. The quality is good enough to enjoy the episodes for what they are.

Special features are alright, but nothing spectacular. On the first disc you get to see the opening title sequence played out in a series of storyboards, which I've always found interesting. The second disc has original concept art of Yoshi. Sadly, there's very little. Shout! Factory is a company that loves to cram a release with all the special features they can find, but it looks like DiC didn't have much to give them this time around.

All in all, this release has ten half hour episodes. If you're a fan looking to complete his Captain N or Mario cartoon collection, you'll want to pick this up, but I certainly don't think it warrants the price tag, considering it's the same price as most box sets Shout! puts out with a good 5 or 6 more episodes. Definitely check online for a discount.