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Captain Underpants: Booger Boy Part 1

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By pc200x on
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Melvin Sneedley has had enough! He gets made fun of plenty for being a stuffy nerd, but when George and Harold create a comic about him, that's the last straw! Using his new invention, he tries to combine his DNA with that of a robot to become the most powerful nerd ever. Unfortunately, he sneezes before the process is complete, resulting in the most disgusting cyborg nerd you've ever seen: the Bionic Booger Boy! As disgusting as this new creature is, the class gradually gets used to their classmate being a living booger. But soon, Melvin's mind begins to slip, and eventually, he turns into a humongous, lumbering monster with nothing but thoughts of destruction running through his mind. This looks like a job for Captain Underpants!

As the book title suggests, this is but part 1 of a 2-part story. At this point in the series, the continuity kicks into overdrive. That is, every book leads into the next, making each story but a piece of a much grander tale (as grand as a children's book about a grown man fighting crime in his underwear can be). We're also introduced to several new characters that will play a large part throughout the continuation of the series, most notably Sulu the Bionic Hampster, George and Harold's new pal. The humor is great, as always, and the series continues to maintain high quality in all areas. Just...be sure to pick up part 2.