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Captain Underpants: Wrath Of Wedgie Woman

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Times are great at Jerome Horwitz Elementary School: the tyrannical teacher Ms. Ribble is finally retiring! And George and Harold plan to give her a big sendoff. Before you know it, due to a huge misunderstanding, Ms. Ribble is getting married! And to who? None other than Mr. Krupp, the maniacal principal! Of course, George and Harold's plan is foiled, and when Ms. Ribble threatens to flunk them, they make their most boneheaded move ever: hypnotizing her to change their grades back. Unfortunately they don't realize that when the ring is used on a woman, the person being hypnotized does the opposite of what they're told. And when she's told NOT to do anything crazy, like, say, become an evil supervillain...well, guess what happens. As usual, it's up to George, Harold, and Captain Underpants to save the day!

Dav Pilkey really hits his stride in this book. By now, he really has a great handle on all his characters and their many aspects, besides the most obvious ones. We also get to delve into the personality of Ms. Ribble a little, seeing how she's more than just an evil teacher (well, not much more, but you get the idea). Some of the jokes in this book are the best the series has offered yet, from the running gag of Mr. Krupp's shock at being married to the wacky pop culture references ("Silly Rabbi, tricks are for kids!"). And of course, for a silly kid's book, the action is top notch. Really nothing to complain about. Go get it today!