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Carbon Monoxide And Explosive Gas Detector

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We all know we need to make sure we have a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors in our homes. Most people prefer the combination detectors so they can have both of these in one unit.

I have a good reason for not wishing to do this. If carbon monoxide is the gas emanating, the combo detector will go off and protect you. If it is propane or methane gas, it won't go off. If you live in a rural area, you may be in trouble.

I have spent much of my time living in rural areas where natural gas was not available. Because of this fact, I came across this handy and wonderful product. It is the First Alert Combination Explosive Gas/Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

This alarm detects carbon monoxide, but it detects other gases that are not detected by other alarms. Natural gas, propane gas, and methane gas are also detected with this alarm. This alarm willl go off every time a gas leak is detected. Making this a product that those living in towns and cities could benefit from as well.

This detector works great in campers when we are traveling too. It plugs into the electric, but it has a battery back up for power outage, or when we do not have access to electric, like when we are waiting to hook up our camper. The camper is heated by propane, but we no longer have to worry if there is a leak. This detector will alert us.

I have used this detector for a long time and only replaced it when it is recommended, every 5 years. It has yet to fail me. It has never gone off, but I know it will when I need it too.

Other Important Points and Features of This Alarm

* Just like all other detectors it needs to be checked periodically to make sure it works.

* They recommend that all detectors be replaced every 5 years. This one is no different.

* It has a 5 year warranty.

* If you choose to use this alarm, make sure to use a good brand of battery. Don't go cheap on batteries for any detectors.

* You need to make sure where you place the alarm to avoid false alarms. The directions for installation will tell you where to place the alarm for optimum effectiveness.

* Easy viewing of danger levels. It has a back lit digital display.

* It has a mute button when you need to use it.

* It will let you know when it is time to change the battery and the unit.

* The battery door is on the front so you do not have to take it down to change the battery.


* You have to have a separate unit for the fire alarm.

* There is a chance you may get false alarms. I have never had this problem, but I know other people who have complained of this problem.

We protect our family from fire and carbon monoxide. Why not protect them from the explosive gases our homes may be emanating. A little extra security and safety will be the greatest gift we can give them.