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Carbon Monoxide Detector Could Save Your Life

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It never fails, that every single winter, I will turn on the TV for the local news and hear some horror story, about a whole family dying from their furnace pot leaking.

Furnaces are not meant to last forever. It is rare that we give our furnaces a second thought. If it isn't working, we get cold, then call a repairperson out to the house, so we don't have to huddle around the kitchen oven any more. Essentially, we take our furnaces for granted.

Furnaces wear out. Sometimes they will wear out in the worst possible place. You have a closed drum, the furnace pot, inside the furnace, where the heated air is pushed through your venting system. When this cracks from wear and tear of being used, you are suddenly breathing air with a lot of carbon monoxide that is now leaking in. Enough of this will kill you. Every single year, people die from this tragedy.

You have a smoke alarm in your home, in case there is a fire. An alarm goes off when smoke hits it's sensor. You have the time to take action and save your family.

A carbon monoxide detector works the same way. If your furnace should be emitting this deadly gas from your furnace, an alarm sounds before too much of this lethal gas, collects throughout your home; poisoning you and your family.

Surprisingly, most families do not feel they need a carbon monoxide detector in their homes. Take a moment and call up your local fire department, then ask them how they feel about your decision, not to have one in your home.

It does not cost a lot to safe guard your family from a tragedy like this. Less than twenty dollars and about thirty minutes to install a carbon monoxide detector. Your family is worth more than the price and time involved, to take this action.