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Car Chip Collects Data

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Paying too much for gas? Want to micromanage everything with you cars? Love gadgets? Yep, me too! I purchased this chip to meet all of these.

What it is:

This "chip" (or more accurately labeled "module") plugs into your OBDII port to read data and trouble codes at defined intervals (5s - 30s). This data can then be uploaded to your computer for analysis. This is for gas engines only.

What it is not:

This chip does not alter or reprogram your car. This will not improve your gas mileage. This is a read only device.

How does it attach?

OBDII port. This is where a mechanic plugs a test instrument into your car to read trouble codes. This plug is usually at the bottom of the dash near the steering column.

To attach to the computer it uses a serial connection (newer versions use USB)


A user selects the parameters (up to four), thresholds and frequency to be collected. Parameters include vehicle speed, RPM, O2 sensor, throttle position, battery voltage, temperature, among others.


This is a neat idea, but doesn't collect enough data to be really useful. It s more of a gadget, but I do find the information useful for tracking mileage. Capturing how many times a driver exceeded a threshold like 70mph. It can also show hard accelerations and hard braking. A more powerful unit would be quite beneficial in a fleet management system with a heavy emphasis on Big Brother.