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Cardio Go Go Dance...Go Go Try A Better Dvd!

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Monica Cruz By Monica Cruz on
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If you look at my DVD reviews on here, you can clearly see I love buying aerobic dance videos. I feel like they're fun because I really, truly enjoy dancing. So, when I saw this Cardio Go Go Dance DVD at Wal-Mart, I thought I would love it. After all Go Go dancing is all about knee-high white boots and fun dance moves.


So, I popped in the DVD, and I was instantly making my "What the heck is this!?" face. (Which is a darn cute face mind you!) The dance moves looked a lot like what my little sister's cheer squad would do at a Pee Wee football game. Oh, did I mention my little sister is 10? The moves aren't at all sexy, fun, nor a workout. I could deal with feeling like a 10-year old if I actually had a chance to burn off some calories.

I kept at it for about 20 minutes before I decided enough was enough. The instructions were clear, easy to follow, but ineffective. I get more of a workout walking from my sofa to my fridge. So, I would recommend this to people who want to get a workout DVD for young girls, but for a true workout, just go take a walk outside.