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Carefresh Colors Pet Bedding

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Cindy Leggett By Cindy Leggett on
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After I learned about the dangers of using pine or cedar shavings as pet bedding for rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, and other small pets, I immediately began to search for an alternate product that would serve the same purpose for around the same price. I found all I was looking for, and then some, when I discovered Carefresh Colors Pet Bedding. Made from paper pulp waste that can't be used to make paper, it has no inks, no dyes, nor any chemicals. It's actually sanitized in order to kill any sort of bacteria or mold that may be in the pulp. This makes it very safe for pet use.

The product also comes in a plain gray shade, but the colored variety is such fun to use! Pink, blue, yellow, and purple shades allow you to customize your pet's cage to match its surroundings.

Carefresh seems to suppress odors almost twice as long as other beddings I have tried. This offsets the higher price, and makes it just as economical as pine or cedar. Carefresh absorbs three times its weight in liquid, so your pet's cage is always clean and dry.

I like knowing I am using a recycled product for my pet's bedding needs. I also use Carefresh in the bottom of my cockateil and parakeet cages, and in a pinch, have used it in cat litter boxes. It is a wonderful product that I would recommend to anyone in search of the perfect pet bedding.