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Carmex Lip Ointment Review

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So like a lot of other people who live in cold climates, my lips get really dry in the winter. Like cracking, bleeding dry. Usually, Burts Bees will do the trick for me, but this year has been interesting. So I decided to try something new. I know that one fo my friends swears by her little yellow pot of Carmex, so I went to Shoppers on a search for it. I was quite happy to see that they now have a sqeeze tube, because I hate sticking my fingers in pots of lip balm.

So I open up the tube and apply to my lips. I'm a little intimidated by the "only use a maximum of 3-4 times per day" on the back, but go for it. It tingles pleasantly, kind of like how I remember vicks VapoRub to feel. I guess that's the Camphor in there.

I forgot all about the fact that I had put on a new lip balm until about 3 hours later. I licked my lips and they were smooth! It was ridiculous! Somehow, this little magical oinment healed everything almost instantly. I am now totally addicted to this stuff, and it's doing a fabulous job of keeping my lips nice and soft through this freezign cold winter. I am SO glad I decided to try something new, and I am SO glad that I decided to go with Carmex!

If your lips are really dry and you've tried everything else, give this a shot. It's awesome, even though it tastes a little funny.