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Carminative Oil For Aches And Itchiness

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Ever since I was small, my mother always had a small bottle of Carminative Oil with her. It soothes her, especially when she feels that she is about to have a headache. It prevents the headache from getting worse. She would rub some of the oil on her forehead and temples and she would like to down and be relieved. No need to pop a pill.

When I got married, my husband gave me a big bottle. I am not sure how big it is in terms of mL, but the bottle is about 5 inches high. I use it just like my mom. Whenever I have insect bites, I also apply carminative oil on the affected part so that the bite will not be itchy anymore and I will no longer be tempted to scratch it. When I have allergic reaction that makes the area swollen and itchy, I put carminative oil just so the itchiness would be hindered. Sometimes, the swelling stops when I apply the oil.

I know it is like a cure all, but I feel good using it. When I can't sleep and my head is already spinning, I dab some of the oil on my forehead, temples, and neck and even some on my eyebrows, just to get me to sleep.

The funny thing is, since the bottle my husband gave me is quite big, after 2 years, I have used less than a half of the contents. But it still works. Well, the sting may have subsided a bit, but it is still good and I still use it for my headache.

Carminative oil is available mostly in Chinese drugstores but from where I am, even conventional pharmacies carry them, too because the product is very popular.