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Carnival Of Souls 1998 Widescreen

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Alex Grant doesn't know if she's dead or alive. We see her as a little girl, watching her mom being killed by mom's boyfriend, who goes to prison. We go flip-flop between her as a little girl, her present as a bar owner, and the present in which her bar is closed. We never know which is the true present. She is seen in only a few settings, with no explanation of how she got there, She has visions of her mother's boyfriend, a clown at a carnival and it's implied that he was a child molester. There are pointless Hellraiser-like naked creatures seen as well.

This lacks cohesion. It takes a simple story and tries to make it unecessarily complex. The movie is basically and endless stream of disjointed images. The end result is just painful.

There isn't much atmosphere at all.

The characters are all flat and cardboard. The clown is played by Larry Miller, a comedian, who looks like Ian Gomez from The Drew Carey Show. The only actor I recognized was the barkeep played by Cleavant Derricks from the show, Sliders (Rembrandt). There is no chemistry between actors.

The camerawork is vibrant creating an almost dreamlike feel to it.

There are few SFX. It has the usual suspenseful music.

Watching this was painful; I just wanted it to end! This is a bad Wes Craven production.

It has a few good one-liners but they're out of place in the endless drivel. The clown is definitely a composite of the serial killer, John Wayne Gacy.

The ending doesn't answer anything and the last scene makes no sense. It's a variation and not a remake of the original movie, but it doesn't even come close to capturing everything that made the original a classic.

This movie is not worth a viewing. If you like confusing and pointless movies, then I say, "step right up, folks! Have I ever got a movie for you!"