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We purchased this Hoover SteamVac Deep Cleaner with Cleurge from QVC.com, back in February. The house we had moved into had so many carpet stains from the previous tenants. Most of these stains were from spilled Espresso all over the cream colored carpet. Of course they cleaned the carpet before we moved in, but after walking through the house and with constant foot traffic, the stains came right back up. I hate carpet stains and it's one reason I don't like walking barefoot. So we decided instead of hiring or renting a machine, that we'd purchase this Hoover through QVC and at the time it was offered, they had the flexible payment plan, which is great. Shipping from QVC is also extrememely fast, at least in all the times we've purchased from them.

My husband is normally the one to clean the carpets, but we also have a 5 year old mini dachshund named Chopper. Well Chopper is quite spoiled and when we leave the house, he sometimes will mark a piece of furniture to make sure we find our way back home. Yes, it's frustrating and yes, he's been fixed. But with this carpet cleaner, it's so easy to use and fast, that it's easy to clean up and move on with loving on Chopper the rest of the night. Of course, this comes after we have showed him his marking. We also have a 16 year old Persian kitty and sometimes she coughs up the infamous hairball. Well, along with the dyes in most pet foods, the carpet cleaner easily lifts up those stains too.

The cleaner has two ways of distributing water/cleaner. There's the normal trigger on the handle and then what they labeled as, "Cleurge", which goes deeper into saturating the carpet area. You also don't need to worry about putting hot water into the machine, because it also cleans with cool water/cleaner that is stored in the cleaner resevoir and it's self-heating. And I normally am not supposed to vacuum or use any household items that can cause me to twist my back, or my slipped discs could become sore and then I can't walk. But the Hoover Deep Clean Carpet Cleaner is very lightweight and not hard to push in a forward and backward motion. There are also 5 spinning brushes that help lift out stains. Even the smaller cleaner attachment has spinning brushes!

This carpet cleaner also does well on tile floors. The suction is very good and will leave the expected dampness on the carpet, but not soaked.

We have used the Hoover carpet solution that came with the machine, but since found Oxy Solution, which I will review in a separate posting.

The only negative thing I can say about this machine is that if you aren't careful when putting it away, you can accidentally squeeze the trigger and release water/cleaner where you don't wish to. Other than that, which I consider my error.

I'd recommend this or similar newer model Hoovers to anyone that is looking.

Update On Jan 01, 2010: We recently had our youth group over for Christmas. Needless to say, red fruit punch was spilled on our beige carpet. But I didn't stress about and had the hubby get out our machine. It was funny to see the faces of the kids as they saw him begin cleaning up the spill. Of course they all started blaming each other. But within a minute there was no sign of the spill. We are very pleased with this carpet cleaner.

Update On Mar 11, 2010: We have used this machine a lot of times. My husband was just saying how much he loves this machine and how great a job it does at cleaning up spills and stains.

We had an incident recently where our youth group was over. I don't know WHAT in the world I was thinking when I served red fruit punch, but I did. Of course a spill showed up on our beige carpet. No problem - my husband got out the Hoover and the stain and liquid came right up. Not to mention the stain had been already setting in and must have been there for well over an hour WITH the kids walking back and forth over it.

This was an excellent investment for us.

Update On Mar 11, 2010: I will say that yes, I have made it a habit of serving red punch when the kids come over. Not sure why except that it's sugar free, inexpensive to make and they like it. But we have had a few of these "accidents" over the past few months.

Update On May 22, 2010: My husband used this machine again a few days ago because a bottle of Sangria dropped out of the refrigerator and broke onto our beige carpet in the dining room. After he sprayed it with our Oxy Solution, the wine did NOT stain at all. You can't even tell there was a spill of any kind. Very pleased with this product.