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By mikeys-thoughts on
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The Quick Fix To Feeling Clean

Some days I feel dirty and want to take a shower after a long day but also feel too tired to do so. This is where Carrafoam comes into the mix. Its my cleaning alternative in a can. I just spray some foam in my hand and rub it on my skin and hair and wait for the foam to dry. Afterwards I can go to sleep feeling clean and comfortable.

Its Main Purpose

Carrofoam is made primarily for people who may find it difficult to bathe because of an illness and want a more doable cleaning alternative to use. It can also be used for a person who just wants to get to sleep faster like my self, lol.

Other Ways of Using Carrafoam

I can even use Carrafoam to make my bed sheets last longer if there somewhat dirty and I want to go to bed on clean sheets right away. I just rub a little bit of the Carrafoam on the sheets and give it very little time to dry and walla I got a clean bet sheet I can sleep on. You can even rub it on furniture to keep it clean. What a time saver Carrafoam can be.


The product is good for what matters most at the moment which is getting to sleep quicker. Now I don't have to sacrifice feeling clean to go to sleep sooner. I think I feel better rested the next because of this product which feel great. Sure Carrofoam sounds tacky but it works. Isn't that whats most important? Of course, because it works.