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Reviewing: Pro Action. 4 Man Dome Tent.  |  Rating:
Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I would like to do a review on a tent, my Daughter's actually, I just borrow it. It is officially a "Pro Action River 240 Four person High Dome tent". It is a lightweight tent, with glass fibre poles, and comes in it's own valise. The size is 240 (Hence the model number), so it is 240 by 210 by 130 mm high, making it slightly rectangular. If you can imagine the floor area, you will realise that four people laid out would have to be very friendly indeed, and tent manufacturers are renowned for exagerating the amount of persons that can use their products. Being a dome tent, the headroom is of course only in the very middle.

The groundsheet is sewn in, and the fabric of the inner tens is a breathable Polyester, there is then a fly-sheet that goes over the top, this is the same material, and both are held down with traditional metal skewer type tent pegs. The fly-sheet also has guys, which are needed in the wind.

I find this tent is very easy to put up, and the poles are fitted together quickly and simply. The front opening gives access to a little porch area, where you can remove boots etc. The grounsheet, is only Polyethylene, and will not stand up to anything sharp, I have damaged this but repaired it with a sewn in patch.

The tent is easy to take down, and rolls up into a bag which can be carried in one hand, or across the shoulders. For those technically minded, the Hydrostatic head is 1200 mm, this is aparently an indication of how waterprof the fabric is. All I know, is that with fairly heavy rain, it is still dry inside.

If I had to pick fault with this tent, I would find it difficult, although somewhere to hang a light inside would be a nice upgrade. I have also had tents that had pockets sewn into the side walls, this is a good place to stow mobile phones and other items you don't want to kneel on.

This tent is in a mid grey colour, and I am not sure if there are any other available. Also included in the kit, are spare guys, and a section of pole. The bag itself is made from the same fabric as the tent, so in the event of any damage, you could use the bag to make a patch. There is also a separate groundsheet to go in the porch.

I give this tent the Caretaker seal of approval.