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Carter's Baby Clothing

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I think Carters is one of the most well known baby clothes brands there is. I read that they are actually the number ONE baby clothes brand; they say they sell 10 items per child born in the US.

I have children (5) ranging in age from 18 years old to 8months old. Carter’s is a brand that I remember ALWAYS being in stores. They are even easier to find today than they were 18 years ago.

In my opinion Carters is well made, reasonably priced (usually), they make practical comfortable easy to care for clothing for children/babies. They have so many styles to choose from, and they are found everywhere.

I currently have a ton of baby clothing that is made by Carter’s ranging from newborn to my son’s current size 18 months. They are all still in awesome condition. Of course babies grow so fast there isn’t really time to wear them out per say! Although I did have some other off brand baby clothes (can’t remember specifically which brands) and they did come apart at the seams, loose buttons or snaps and the fabric just didn’t feel as comfy/soft. With Carter’s you can FEEL the difference/the quality of fabric they use. I find that seams coming coming apart and loosing snaps is less common with Carter's.

Carter’s will last through more than one baby…I am saving all the pieces I have for our next baby (we are planning one more) or for the next family member that has a baby.

Also Carters seems to have a good size chart…I hate it when you buy clothes for baby and the sizes are REALLY OFF. I bought a few baby clothing items-Onesies at Wal-Mart and the sizes seem to be WAY smaller than the size they have on the tags and the colors on the fabric faded horribly fast and they also SHRANK when i I washed them!. I seemed to find this less common with the Carter’s brand (the small sizing, shrinkage and the fading).

I recently received a couple of gifts for baby from my Dad in Hawaii. There were 2 Carter’s Romper style outfits in the package. I have included pictures. They are exactly the quality I have come to expect and rely on from Carter’s. I do not know the prices on them since they were a gift...

I would highly recommend Carter’s baby clothes. They make clothes from size Newborn through size 7. They make sleepers, play clothes and accessories. Prices will vary depending on where you buy, and what you buy. They are easy to find…Wal-mart and Target even carries them.

Note: I included a couple pictures of just a few of the other Carter clothes I have for baby...they are different "seasons" just to show variety.