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Cascade Liquid Dishwasher Detergent

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klkwid By klkwid on
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Well, Cascade is an OK product, I guess is the best way to put this one. It does the job for the most part, but it really doesn't get all your dishes clean if you don't prewash. This is disappointing to me, because I look for products that make my life easier-this adds one more step to my routine. For a while I was just putting the dishes straight into the washer after a quick rinse. I was disappointed when I'd take them out and see that there were still coffee rings and bits of stuff still baked on-actually baked on worse now because it went through a hot water cycle. I had to switch my routine to include a good soak in Palmolive (check out that review, too!), then a quick wipe out to put into the dishwasher before adding Cascade. When you do the presoak, this product works pretty well. It has something they call "Shineshield" that is supposed to leave your glasses and such shinier without any leftover soap scum on them from the dishwasher. I have to admit that you don't really see much soapscum on the dishes, so that is a good thing.

All in all, this is an ok product. It's the cheaper version of this kind of product-there are others available that are supposed to do a better job with taking off all the food remnants and such, but I just don't think I should have to pay more to get a soap that's supposed to do that already!! The other downside to leavign things caked on before washing is that you're going to end up clogging your drain in the dishwasher-that can be messy. I guess I'll stick with the regimine and presoak before putting dishes in. It seems to work for me without adding extra cost of special products that may not work anyway!