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Case... Closed! Staples Dvd Cases; 25 A Pack

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Upon looking at a whole mess of DVDs that had been scattered around with no appropriate place to be put, I then realized that it was time for me to grab a couple of bucks, go out, and see what Staples has to offer concerning cases that, in this case of course, hold discs in order to prevent them from being scratched, "dirtied" (if that's even a word), and last, but not least, broken - and aside from disc protection - for organizational/convenient purposes. Searched through the shelves and finally found what I had needed for a while - a pack of cases, considerably specifically made for DVDs, consisting of 25 cases, in black, that hold 2 DVDs in each.

Good stuff, couldn't go wrong with that, and in no time, the mess would simply be a thing of the past - in other words, "history". The only thing that would have made the whole "purchase" better would have been if the price was a bit cheaper; in my opinion, 18 dollars is a bit too much, regardless of the features of the case, given that it is simply just a case, but of course, only with the ability to hold two discs instead of the typical amount of only one. Perhaps $15 would have had been a reasonable price (not to take anything away from the cases as they're great)? Nonetheless, these are quite the durable cases, and with these, the ability of slipping in those printed out labels just couldn't get any more easier.