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Cashflow 101 Board Game

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My husband and I had purchased this game shortly after getting married. I knew nothing about it; the price alone had intrigued me: almost $200 for a board game?? My husband, however, knew what he was buying, and he had assured me that this was more than just a game - it was a life-learning experience.

He was so right. The Cashflow game is designed by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. Mr.Kiyosaki is a successful businessman, and he has come up with this brilliant way to teach people about how money works and what you need to do to become rich.

The game has two tracks: Rat Race and Fast Track. Rat Race represents going to work every day and living paycheck to paycheck. You start by picking an occupation card, according to which you will get a certain monthly income and monthly expenses. Then you roll the dice and go around the Rat Race, getting a paycheck each time you pass payday and spending money each time you need to make your house payment, car payment, credit card payment, etc. It becomes clear very soon that you will not get rich doing the rat race. You can save up some money and pay off your debts, which will decrease your monthly expenses, but the key to getting out of the rat race is creating a stream of passive income - or cashflow. The game teaches how to do that; you can, for example, purchase rental property and rent it out. As soon as your monthly cashflow outgrows your monthly expenses, you are out of the rat race. Then you can to go the Fast Track where you invest bigger money and reap higher profits. The ultimate goal is to earn enough money to be able to afford your dream - something you pick at the very beginning of the game. The person who buys their dream first or reaches $50, 000 of passive income a month wins.

The game includes balance sheets where you carefully record your expences, purchases, and passive income. It requires a lot of calculating, which I personally do not like since I am not good with numbers - that's why I have rated the game at 4.5 and not 5. However, I do agree that it is an excellent way to learn about money, creating assets, and getting out of the rat race.