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The Casio fx-300MS scientific calculator is one of my favorite calculators for taking to school, especially math class. This calculator has a lot more features than the average scientific calculator. One of its features would be the fact that you can go back to the previous operations you did. So if you are working on a math problem that has several steps and want to go back to the previous step's answer, all you have to do is press the up arrow, and you're there. The problem and the answer is all there. Also, when you need to acess different types of operations, instead of maneuvering around your calculator to find it, they are all on your keypad. Every single one of them. You can easily find what you are looking more, and press it. Another advangtage this calculator holds is its weight. This calculator is pretty light for its size, so you can easily carry it around, especially in a backpack or a binder that you need to lug around all day. I know graphing calculators can get pretty heavy, but this calculator, which is just as good as a graphing calculator (minus the graphing part) is ten times lighter. The battery power is pretty good. It's solar powered, so cna be used almost anywhere, anytime.

The one thing I don't like about this calculator is its size. It's about the six, seven inches long and three, four inches wide. It's light, but it's big, so it is kind of hard to find a place to put it. ALso, the calculator is not very durable. I've dropped one of these calculators before, and it broke instantaneously. But since I still liked it, I bought another one. You have to be extremely careful with these.

Overall, it's a fairly decent calculator. It does have some downs, but all in all, I guess it's pretty good for math class.