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Casio Ex V7 Exilim A Digital Camera You Can Rely On

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A few years back, when everyone around had at least one digital camera, I had to depend on the camera on my phone to freeze the beautiful moments in life. Whenever I felt the need to shoot the beautiful blue sky, or the just-drenched ultra green leaves, or the mud splattered child lazing on the street, I had to use the phone. However, I lost it to some pick pocket after a while. It was then that I decided to buy a digital camera of my own.

My brother-in-law, a photographer by passion, bought one from Dubai. It was supposed to be the best choice for that amount of money. It was the EX-V7 Exilim Casio with 7x optical zoom and 7.2 mega pixels. The EX-V7 offered a non-protruding lens with a sliding faceplate that protects the lens and also turns the camera on and off. These were the immediate motivating factors to get going with my photography!

Exilim has more features than it promises and I absolutely love the shape and size. It’s slim, smart and chic. It has anti Shake DSP that reduces blur due to shaky hands and subject movement, using high shutter speeds and high sensitivity settings. This is another feature that improves the novice shooting experience. Initially my shaky hands could hardly focus on the object and I had some weird end shots which my family found extremely funny.

I am a fast learner and soon I knew what I should keep in mind. I was getting better each day and shifted to the video soon. The video recording has excellent finish as well. It creates movies at high compression ratios that save storage space. It records about 1.5 times longer, with the same capacity and same picture quality as conventional MPEG-4! That’s amazing!


Resolution - 7.2 Mega pixels

7x optical zoom lens

Anti Shake DS

2.5-inch, LCD screen video:

The EX-V7 has a very capable video capture feature

Video quality is also excellent

Sound is recorded in stereo via two built-in microphones

Image stabilization to help minimize blurry pictures

Auto Tracking AF function follows moving subjects


Image stabilization stops working if the camera gets a jolt. Then the camera does not come on and needs to be reset with software.

Last year, out of the blue, my camera had stopped working. On opening the shutter, I was directed to one message on the screen ‘Image stabilizer not available’. I had sleepless nights searching for the solution on line. The local shops could not figure it out and I didn’t want to leave the camera with them. Online research had more advantages though. Not only did I come up with a solution, but also I got to learn several features about which I had no clue, whatsoever. Finally, with the help of my friend I could fix it. I had to copy one file from the official site and paste it. And since then, my EX-V7 Exilim Casio has worked absolutely fine!

I had always thought that digital camera made us lazy and careless photographer. When I had an ordinary camera, where every shot mattered, I used to be careful, calculating the shots and frames and sometimes even working before the shoot. I thought that with the digital camera, I hardly would bother about the perfection and hardly would premeditate. I would shoot randomly and then edit. I wouldn't say that the digi cam has made me careless, but I will take more than one shot of a scene just in case it didn't come out too well. On the contrary, now I can discriminate and pick the best shot. That's great!