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Casio Exilim Z75

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By mizdiz on
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I tend to go through cameras pretty fast, so 2 months ago, I found myself in the market for another camera. I decided that I did not want to spend more than $200, but would possibly go up to $250. My last camera took good photos, but had terrible video. The one I had prior to that had great video and I missed that. I looked at several cameras and thought I wanted a Sony or Nikon. I decided to go look one more place. A man was with the sales clerk looking at camera's and he was looking at the Casio. Well, being a little snobbish I thought to myself I would never buy a Casio. The man was so excited about this Casio and told me that the sales person used to work at a high end camera store and she recommended this. When I got to talk to her, she again recommended the Casio and said it was a great value and took great photos. She was recommending another model - one up from this on, but I did not care if I got more than 7 megapixels.

After thinking about this camera and reading reviews, I decided I would get this camera, but being the shopper that I am, I decided I had to go to, yet again, another store. I went to Fry's and they had it on sale for $169.99. So I decided to get it.

This has been a great camera and I am so glad I bought it. The video on it is great. In fact, I have been using this to video my kids, rather than my camcorder. We took it on vacation and took video and pictures. They all came out great. The camera has 33 preprogrammed best shot features to choose from. One of these is anti shake, which was important to me. One is a standard best shot and I find that we use that one the most. There is one that is for ebay, taking the picture on a lower size. I also like the sports and children option, which gives me pictures of my kids without the blur. My only complaint is that some of the options don't work like they are supposed to. For example, I tried the Fireworks option and none of the pictures turned out, but when I put it on the standard best shot, the photos turned out okay.