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Casio Fx270 Calculator Powerful But Didnt Last

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This is a very powerful calculator for the price. But this one developed display problems early and died.

For $10.00 you get a lot of computing power here. The overall size is 3.5 x 6 inches, by .5 inch thick (in the case). The case is a slide-on hard shell.

It has basic calculations with a ten-digit limit. You can quickly set a number to be a constant for use over and over in a string of calculation. Or you can put a number into memory. Change to a different mode for percents.

For Scientific calculations, PI is pre-set to 10 decimal places. It has sexigesimal functions (minutes and seconds), trig functions and their inverses, hyperbolics, common and natural logs and exponents, square and cube roots and squares, FIX, SCI, NORM, RND, RAN#, ENG calculations. You can convert polar coordinates, do permutations and combinations. Statistical functions include mean, standard deviations, sum of squares, and sum of values.

Modes include: Standard Deviation, Normal, Degrees, Radians, Grads, Specification of Decimal Places (FIX), Significant Digit Specification

The instruction sheet is one large folded sheet of paper with very small print, but it includes examples, formulas used for the various functions, and the usual precautions, and specifications. It is printed in English and Spanish.

The calculator is solar powered you turn it on by pressing All Clear, but there is an off button. The display is a panel about 3/4 inch by 2 1/2 inches. There is an input line that runs along the top of the display with figures about 1/8 inch tall. The result of the input line appear in larger figures beneath that line.

You can go back and correct errors in your input line with “replay” buttons. There is a shift key and an alpha key in order to get all the functions.

I was prepared to be really happy with this purchase. But I had owned it about a month when after a trip in the car it stopped displaying all of the sections that make up the letters and numbers, so the display is unreadable. I don’t know if it got too hot (it wasn’t a very hot day), or if a friend dropped it and didn’t want to tell me. So, I have to say that I don’t think it lasted very well.