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Cassie Edwards Writes Another Great Book.

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By dawn69 on
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Cassie Edwards is a New York Times bestselling Author and she has released another book in September of this 2008 of great quality. This two hundred and ninety two page book keeps you wanting more all the way to the end. There is romance and adventure as well as a little Indian magic thrown in for excitement.

The story is about Wolf Hawk the chief of the Winnebago Indians. He has done well hiding his people so that they did not end up on the reservation. This tribe is very peaceful and just want to be left alone. Wolf Hawk's mother and father died when he was young and his medicine man grandfather raised him as well as taught him the magic of the spirits.

Mia Collins is a white woman who floats up and down the river with her father and his helper gather pelts to sell. She is a very small and young woman with a good heart. During one of these river trips her father will suffer a heart attack. This small part will land on a small island and take shelter in an old fort that has been long abandoned.

Meanwhile two trapper who use metal traps to catch their prey and picking up the dead animals and skinning them. They have made a very rich haul this time and want to move on quickly, for you see they know they are on Indian land and if caught could loose their lives. They come across two traps that did not have animals in but two Indian boys. These boys apparently were out alone and walked into these medal traps and it closed around their leg. The great teeth cut into the leg causing a great deal of blood and since the boys were not strong enough to get the traps off by themselves, they bled to death. This is a very slow and terrible death. Now these two trappers knew they were in big trouble and they will do their best to escape the wrath of the Indians.

Before the story ends there will be lots of action finding bad men and bringing them to justice. Then there will be a romance between Mia and Wolf Hawk. Can these two make up for all that has happened between them to become one.