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Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin

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By utziem on
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Castlevania: PoR follows the long line of 2D action/adventure games based on the popular vampire hunting franchise starting with Symphony of the Night. As in the previous games you take on the role of a vampire hunter – in this case a duo named Jonathon and Charlotte – and battle your way through Dracula’s castle. This time different parts of the castle are linked by painting portals, which make the game much longer than previous entries in the series. As you battle you’ll gain experience and levels to become stronger and a variety of items and weapons for your use.

Visuals and sounds are once again top notch, as is the standard in the series. Many enemies have returned, some with graphical enhancements. The music is excellent with only a few weak tracks, and the sound effects are crisp and varied.

The dual character system is entertaining to use. Jonathon packs a strong melee attack with good range, while Charlotte has the ability to cast spells and attack from a distance. Characters can be used together with the secondary character being used by the AI, or for a short “assist” attack. There are puzzles that require you to use both characters, and none are very tricky.

The story is surprisingly better than most of the previous entries, with an interesting villain and side characters. There are several endings, with some easier to find than others, and each unfolds a bit more of the story.

Overall this is another great entry into the Castlevania series, and is a great game for any DS owner.