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Cat Nail Clipper

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By ferret on
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Cat needs their nails clipped every so often. Our old vet used to clip our cat's nails free of charge whenever our cat went for a check up. Since it is an easy thing to do, we always clip our cat's nails at home too.

When we were at our new vet's office, they clipped our cat's nails without asking and charged us $12. Wow, that's $3 a paw! Since then, we have always made sure we have our cat's nails trimmed right before visiting the vet. These Resco nails clippers we are reviewing have been great for that. They are 5" long and are made of metal, no cheap plastic parts. When the blade gets dull, we can buy replacements.

Our cat is not very cooperative, so when I am not around to do this, it takes two peple to cut his claws. Here is how these clippers work. You carefully put your cat's claw into the oval opening. Take care that you only get his claw in there and not his cushion. Then you squeeze the handles together. There is a spring there for tension. There is a sliding blade that cuts the cat's nail. Do all four paws and you are done.

I strongly advise you to read the directions that come with this nail clipper. That way you will trim your cat's claws in the least painful way for him and you, and with less chance of injury.

These clippers have worked out very well for us. Decent price. We are happy and our cat is not too irritated by the procedure.