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Category 6: Day Of Destruction

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Nature is the most terrifying and the most destructive friend and enemy that we have. But when Mother Nature gets mad, boy does she get mad. Category 6: Day of Destruction is about the day that Mother Nature decides to share her wrath on the United States. Las Vegas is hit by tornadoes, there are no warning signs when a hurricane decides to rip apart the Gulf Coast, temperatures in the northeast become blazingly hot and humid, lightning storms, one hundred mile per hour winds, wildfires, and to top it all off; man decides to create a blackout.

This movie stars Thomas Gibson, Nancy McKeon, and Randy Quaid. All of which are wonderful actors and actresses who play the part flawlessly. I think the only natural disasters missing form this movie are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Category 6: Day of Destruction is one of those types of movies that start out slow, grab your attention for a little while, then at one point the story line goes missing, then regains itself for an interesting and unpredictable ending. The ability for this movie to put me to sleep at the down portion of it was really strong. There was no real explanation to why there were tornadoes and hurricanes and so forth that appeared out of no where, but there was more concentration on the blackouts.

Now, I'm a big fan of the world coming to an end and nature's wrath movies, however this one really doesn't categorize in my books as a movie that concentrates on that portion and the why aspect.

Five bucks at Wal-Mart will get you this interesting movie. I recommend this movie only if you are looking for an unrated movie that is something semi-interesting to watch on a rainy day.

This DVD also has bonus features for a full screen version and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.