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Cat Eye Led Headlight Most Recommended

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dave By dave on
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I have a CatEye LED headlight on my bike and I love it! It is bright, effective and compact. It also is sleek and somewhat attractive for my bike.

I am certain I can be seen from far away with this headlight -- it is freakin' bright! It also is light on battery use, like most LED setups.

The CatEye OptiCube LED headlight gives me decent visibility. However, this is my only complain as the light does not give me as wide of a look at the road ahead of me compared to the light I used to have. However, that older light I had would eat up batteries and give less vision.

The other problem I have with this CatEye light is that it is so bright that I kind of get tunnel vision from it. I like to shine my light at the ground to see what is ahead of my tire (glass, rocks, etc), and the light affects my ability to have good night vision when looking away from that area it is shining on.

This is the only drawback to having such a bright light on a bike.

However, the overall product is a vast improvement to what I had before for night riding, so I am satisfied. I was appalled by the initial price of the light, but it reasonably has been a good investment as it is much less hungry for batteries, saving me in the long run.

I recommend this, and you are sure to be seen by others coming down the road with such a bright light on your bike.