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Cateye Vectra Wireless Cyclocomputer

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Erich Rosenberger By Erich Rosenberger on
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If you are a regular cyclist, you can appreciate the need to have the abilty to track some basic statistics of your ride. Most riders don't need too much information, but it's nice to know how far you've gone, how fast your going, and even your average speed. If simplicity and ease of use is your goal, take a look at the Cateye Vectra Wireless Cycling Computer.

The Cateye Vectra is an entry level wireless cycling computer for road bicyles. Being wireles, it has a sensor that mounts to your front fork with a small zip-tie. This sensor counts the number of times the front wheel spins around and transmits that data to the main unit, which mounts to either the stem or the handlebars.

The main display is small and simple. It shows your current speed. You can choose this to read in miles per hour or kilometers per hour. Just below this is a small line of data, with which you can toggle through a small set of secondary data. This line can display your total ride distance, maximum speed on the current ride, total distance over all your rides, and a clock. Toggling between these features is simple, although I find the single control button to be a bit stiff and hard to press, especially while you are riding.

It's important to note that this computer is quite basic. It does not include cadence, dual bike settings, altitude or any other more advanced feautres. If you want that data, you'll have to spend a little more money.

I found the display to be just big enough to read easily while riding. I also like the rather simple design. There isn't too much data thrown at you while riding. With a quick glance down, you can see your current speed, which is what I ultimately want a computer for, along with total ride distance.

The Cateye Vectra has been reliable for me. Some off brand wireless computers will get interfearance between the wheel mounted transmitter and the display. I haven't found that to be a problem with the Vectra. Like all wireless computers, you do have two batteries to replace. The Vectra does have a "sleep" mode when it's not in use to preserve battery life. I find I can get several months of regular use before the batties need replacing. Batteries are commonly available flat "watch" style, which can be found just about anywhere.

For the price, you will be hard pressed to find a better deal on a name brand wireless cycling computer.