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Cat's Cradle, By Kurt Vonnegut

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Kurt Vonnegut, the author of Cat's Cradle, is a pretty messed up person. But not exactly in a bad way, as this book turned out amazing. Vonnegut's sense of humor and science is mixed with his psychotic personality in this ridiculously book.

A few weeks ago, I had to do a book report on a book related to global warming. After looking around, I found Cat's Cradle. It doesn't exactly have to do with global warming, but it portrays what we humans are, and what could happen if science fell into the wrong hands.

The story is told in Jonas's perspective, a writer that is a bit messed up. As he goes around interviewing people for his new book, The Day the World Ended, he is caught up in a crazy adventure that ends up making him dictator of an island in the Carribean Sea, San Lorenzo. In the midst of it all, he encounters a religion called Bokononism, which affects the way the story is told. One of the people he interviewed was Dr. Hoenikker, the "father" of the atomic bomb. When he died, he left his children a piece of ice-nine, a dangerous substance if fallen into the wrong hands.

I loved the book, but thought that the end was a bit depressing. But I'm sure anyone interested in science fiction will like it, too!