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Cats Like Smarty Cat Super Scratcher Over Furniture!

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Cardboard Smartykat Organic Pet Catnip

The SmartyKat SuperScratcher saved our furniture! My husband and I could never train our four cats to scratch in a proper place until we found this!

The design is simple. It is made out of recycled material and is biodegradable. it is a block of corrugated cardboard. Basically, if you stacked a bunch of corrugated cardboard and chopped a 1-inch slice off, glued it all together and layed it on its side. Yep, that's it!

It comes with a packet of organic catnip for you to sprinkle over it, but we use our own catnip from the health food store. Cats don't confuse it with your carpeting or upholstery unlike the carpet posts you can get. It is available in different sizes, but the ones we get are the 18" x 5" x 2" size.

You just lay it on the floor, sprinkle catnip over it and watch your cats go crazy! They will prefer scratching on this over any other item in your home! We have actually had to buy several of these because our cats will actually destroy them scratching on it so much.

There are a few cons to the Smartykat SuperScratcher though. It does seem silly to pay over $10.00 for a block of cardboard. And when your cats get ahold of it and start scratching away, there will be little bits of cardboard everywhere. So you will have to vacuum more often. Since our cats love their SuperScratcher so much, they only last 2-4 weeks,

But the pros completely outweigh the cons. Think of how much you will save in buying new furniture or trying to repair your existing furniture! Although it is over $10, 00, it is MORE than worth it! If you have cats (and furniture) I would strongly recommend you buy a SmartyKat SuperScratcher today! Maybe more than one!