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C Cleaner Version 2.23.993 System Cleaning Tool

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CCleaner version 2.23.993 is a program that cleans unwanted items from your computer. It frees up space on your hard drive, so that you can maximize its capacity. The software removes unnecessary items, such as cookies from websites you visit, links of recent documents you have accessed, etc. I often use CCleaner after I exit Firefox, my web browser, and when I am about to turn off my computer. It removes a lot of junk files, which can number to as high as 100MB or so, depending on the amount of traffic or work I do. Over time, this amount would rise unchecked if I did not employ CCleaner. To my knowledge, version 2.23.993 has added visible icons next to removed entries, allowing users to identify what parts have been removed and from where; it seems to be a purely visual change, but it may assist new users who want to know what they are cleaning.

The program is updated frequently, which can be helpful in some cases. When my computer upgraded Internet Explorer to version 8 in the summer, CCleaner would take a bit longer to work because IE version 8 was not accustomed to having its history cleaned. The subsequent update of CCleaner resolved this conflict and resumed its normal working speed.

The download size is quite small, usually around 3 or 4 MB. This is a good amount considering the number of updates a year.

There are some potential drawbacks. For example, browsers often store the address of a website you visit in its bar, so that you can easily revisit that webpage. CCleaner removes the cookies of websites you have visited from your browser. Unless you have saved that address in your favorites, you will have to retype the address after using CCleaner. This is a minor inconvenience that does not affect me, but for those that forget to bookmark a website and are prone to forgetting the addresses of sites they encounter, you may want to exercise caution. The program also affects other programs by default, such as emptying out your recycling bin, so be careful or change the settings.

Upon installation, there are several options that I uncheck. For instance, there is one option that asks if I want to access CCleaner from the recycling bin, and I always omit it because I do not really need it. Most people blindly click through the installation process and do not heed any of the actual decisions that they may not realize they are making.

As I run a Windows Vista 64 bit operating system, I have read from a review that CCleaner only identifies the 32 bit part of the registry, not the 64 bit part. This means that some parts of my computer may not be receiving the kind of maintenance that a 32 bit operating system would. I have not used the registry integrity scan of the software that often, due to my apprehension at interfering with my computer's stability; therefore, I cannot comment on its effectiveness at identifying or resolving issues of this nature.

I do not believe there is a Mac version of CCleaner either, which limits its use to Windows only.

CCleaner may not be the best of its type, but it is a free program that can clean up your computer's hard drive significantly with general usage.