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Celadrin A Natural For Pain Relief

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lexxia By lexxia on
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I deal with Osteoarthritis in my knee as well as Fibromyalgia (an illness that I can only explain as an all-over pain in the body - experience) and I tend to get Migraine headaches as well as Cluster headaches.

A few months ago my Doctor handed me a little packet that contained Celadrin in the form of a topical cream. The active ingredient is: Menthol (1.25%) a Topical Analgesic. The cream includes Inactive ingredients such as a blend of esterified fatty acid complex (EFAC), Glycerin, Lecethin, Olive fruit oil, Peppermint Oil, Potassium Hydroxide and water.

I tend to question the effectiveness of 'natural' products because a number of the ones I have tried have had little or no effect and didn't result in the solutions I required. Until now. Celadrin in its cream form has not only been effective, it has been fast and long lasting. It's also available in pill form and a number of places sell it via the Internet.

The sample I received holds a very small amount, roughly 1-2 oz. but when I've had pain, rubbing just a small amount, much less than dime size, into the area, has brought relief from the pain in about 2 minutes or less. I've used it for headaches, neck pain, knee pain and even sinus pain from allergies. The cream goes on smoothly, not greasy and leaves a cool refreshing sensation on the skin. It attacks the pain and eliminates it effectively and with a long lasting result that allows me to function clearly and without any drug consumption, which I really like.

For anyone who is seeking an alternative to headache or athritis medications, I believe Celadrin is an excellent alternative and I would highly recommend it.

Update On Jun 11, 2008: Wow, I had such a wicked headache when I woke this a.m., a combination of caffiene withdrawal (over 12 hrs without one cup of coffee) :) and allergies. I almost forgot about the Celadrin until half way through a cup of Joe to try and right myself, the little packet fell at my feet (it was were it could easily have done this so no, no miracle there). Rubbed just a few tack head sized amounts on the temples, forehead and back of the neck and decided to try and think through the pain by viewing some reviews...before I knew it...gone! Honestly, this stuff is wonderful and now I know it even works on my addictive caffiene headaches but that doesn't mean I'm gonna give the stuff up just yet!